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Alone in a far away planet. Surrounded by hostile pilots. The only way out is through sheer skill. Jump into the MF-01 Aerostrike and fight for survival. Fight to return to your family.

Big dogfights await you. Hundreds of enemy ships, of all kinds and sizes. You must make your way through a large underground complex. Find a way to escape the planet alive.

Along the way you may find useful equipment. Weapons for various roles and purposes. Modules to give you an edge in combat. Upgrades to enhance your capabilities.

Beware of experienced foes. Opponents that have made a name for themselves, flying unique vessels with their own set of powerful gear. Mercenaries, ace warriors, and leaders.

Now it is up to you. Fly into the great unknown, into the depths of steel and iron, and meet your fate.

To contact support, send an email to: lmg3864games@gmail.com

Official Developer Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lmg3864G

Get news from Dark After Games here: http://www.darkaftergames.com/newsletter/


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This looks so cool!

Thank you! :D